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Facebook Marketing: Personal vs Pages

We all use Facebook, most of us on a daily basis.  Many people know that Facebook is a great way to communicate with friends and family but don’t understand how to use it to market themselves or their business.  The most important thing is wrapping your head around how it works; this means knowing who, when and where you are marketing to.  Let’s go over the basics:

Facebook Profile vs. a Facebook Page

You need to understand the differences between these two things before you can effectively plan your marketing strategy.  A Profile page is the general page any person gets when signing up for Facebook.  From your profile page you can post personal status updates, upload photos, send friend requests, chat and send personal messages.  The problem that the general user runs into here is they have business contacts as well as friends and family all in the same place.  When they are posting family vacation photos for instance to share with friends and family, business contacts are also seeing these photos.  On the other hand if you are sending out a conference call reminder or promoting your product or service, your family and friends may get tired of seeing your prospecting and lead campaigns.

A facebook page is the opposite of a profile page, allowing you to represent your business, a public figure, or representative of a company.  You are not able to send friend requests as people only get the messages you post on your fanpage if they click the “like” button on your page.  A page is a great way to look professional in the social networking world, and if done correctly it can generate great leads every month.

Organizing Your Online World
The best way to start organizing your online world is to have a purpose to posting.  Think about why you are putting something out there and what goals you hope to achieve by doing this.  If your goal is to generate leads you will need to post business related topics, but remember not to over saturate your message.  If you are new to Facebook you will start out by creating your profile page.  There is nothing wrong with having business and family connections in the same place, just remember to think about what you are posting and who is seeing it.  Remember that friends and family will tag photos of you, post notes and messages which will be visible for business associates to view.

A fanpage is a much easier and safer way to market to your online network, but there is a catch.  With a page you need to push connections to your page where they will need to click the “like” button to receive messages from you.  This can get tricky, but it’s well worth the effort.  A fanpage can be like a web site within Facebook hosting videos, custom designs and even lead capture forms.  The Facebook page is quickly becoming the new lead gen system just as banner ads, pop-ups and email campaigns have been in years past.  There will always be new technology and ways of doing things.  In today’s world Facebook fanpage’s are the way to go, if you know how to optimize them to best serve you.

Centerstar’s marketing plan will help you capture leads, display your videos and push followers to click that “like” button on your page.  Once they have clicked that button anything you post; videos, comments, photos and messages will show up on their phones, laptops, iPads, etc. on their Facebook wall.  This is a great way to spread your message in today’s high speed, social networking world.

In summary, there are several ways to organize your Facebook connections; personal profile, personal profile + business connections and of course via a fanpage.  Just make sure you have a purpose to post and think about who is reading it. Do this and you will see more results that you can measure.

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