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Cultivating Your Warm Market

Your network is made up of 3 different types of contacts.

(1) Your Warm Market or those people you know personally and have contact information for. Most people have two or three hundred or more contacts in their warm market.

(2) Your Acquaintance Market made up of classmates, associates, or old friends that you know personally but don’t have contact info for. This group usually amounts to nearly a thousand contacts or more.

(3) Your Like Minded Market made up of groups and clubs you belong to, causes, hobbies, and other interest groups you associate with. You usually don’t know these people personally nor do you have their contact info.

The challenge has been to somehow cultivate relationships and best prospecting efforts for not only your Warm Market but beyond, to those you don’t know personally or have contact info for. Traditional cold calling or visits don’t stand a chance with these people. In fact, these methods don’t fare well with your warm market. Email is an improvement, especially with your Acquaintance and Warm Markets. However, social media networking has proven to be an amazing and successful way to approach all three.

First of all, you can cover far more ground in a fraction of the time by sending one single post to hundreds of contacts at once. These contacts can choose to “Like” or even forward your posts to their network and contacts, exposing your message exponentially beyond your reach. With social media you can also nurture relationships with contacts outside your warm market from groups, clubs, associations, etc. until they are ready to hear your message.

Next, social media is a soft approach to reaching your contacts. You can nurture them with positive quotes, insightful information and other communications until they warm up to your message and pursue you directly rather than the reverse.

Last, URL links sent with your social media posts can send your interested contacts to your lead capture and Facebook fan pages where they can learn more, fill out a form and convert to a new team member.

There’s no better way to get your message out than social marketing. Centerstar Marketing can help you do this effectively and correctly.

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