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Basics of Online Video Marketing

With video being the quickest way to sell the benefits of a product or service it’s important to know how to market yourself online with video. Videos can be great lead generation tool if you understand the process. There are several steps to follow in the recipe for a good online video campaign;

1. Catch Their Attention
This doesn’t mean you need a 3D logo, fancy music or access to Final Cut Pro to edit your videos. This simply means “use your passion for the product or service and sell your credibility”. When people see your passion and knowledge put to work they will feel more comfortable contacting you for more details or buying the product. The first three seconds of your video will hook them or push them away, think carefully about your introduction.

#2. Know Your Goals
You have just recorded a five minute webcam testimonial about your product, now what do you do with it…….and why? This is where most people fail. It takes more than just uploading to YouTube and waiting for the leads to roll in. You must understand where this video will go and what demographic will find it organically. There are many media sites online that connect with phones, iPads and laptops. Do your best to try to understand the path a video takes from upload to a view. This will help you to identify your potential clients.

#3. Generating Views
Views are typically generated in one of the following ways; Viral, Organic, Promoted and by Niche/Topic. A viral video typically contains material that is outrageous, funny or ground-breaking and people are quick to share it. Organic video views happen “in passing”, someone is using a search engine to search, “Lawn Care” and they come across your video which is titled “The Perfect Lawn”. Promoted or Ad based videos work as you pay a search engine or website to feature your content. The last category is Niche/Topic, this works very similar to organic searches. However, if your product or service serves a Niche market it is more likely to be searched (example: you have a homeopathic gluten free product), your competition is scarce and it’s easier to get your video ranked higher faster. On the other hand if your product is a Bluray player you are up against some fierce online competition. Always try to see your service and online marketing angle in a new or creative light before jumping in.

#4. Most Importantly, The Capture
How is your video giving you leads you need? Make sure you answer this question before you press the record button. A video needs to give people a direction such as a website (that has a capture form), a phone number or a direct link to purchase your product or service. If you miss this step all your work has been for nothing. If you can track this process and prove it to be profitable you have a great recipe for a successful online video campaign.

In closing, don’t worry about having the latest and greatest video camera or web cam on the market, worry about the information contained and how it is presented. The video will not sell products or generate leads, your persuasion and promotion of the product will if you capture it correctly. And lastly, don’t think of video marketing as being a full solution. Just like any other prospecting method, its just one piece of the big picture.

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