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The future of 4K Video

One thing we always ask clients is what is your final output, where are you distributing your video? The usual suspects are there, YouTube, TV, website, and so on. When we ask if they require the final output to be 4K, we are often met with blank stares. Sometimes we get clients who know exactly what we can do and want 4K UltraHD video, but when we are usually speaking with a marketing director who has no idea what 4K is, it’s concerning.

4K Video 411

What is 4K video exactly? It’s takes on two forms, 4,096 x 2,160 lines of resolution(DCI) or 3,840 x 2,160(Ultra HD) lines of resolution. This compares to 1,920 x 1,080 lines of resolution in 1080p that is the most popular resolution right now. This allows for a sharper picture on larger screens and more importantly, our clients are starting to ask for it.

4K UltraHD Video

The transition to 4K is already happening. Sure it won’t be prevalent for another year or two, but what sparked this blog post was something seen in the local newspaper. Multiple pages dedicated to 4K video! The newspaper had also posted several articles over the last year or two about 4K Video. It is arriving sooner than many people think and it needs to be worked into marketing plans. No one wants their YouTube video to be the one that looks like a VHS tape in the DVD age.

Retina iMac 5K

Having your marketing video in UltraHD isn’t for bragging rights, there are now screens capable of harnessing the extra pixels. A great example is the new 5K Retina Apple iMac. This gorgeous screen now needs content, 4K TV’s were featured in Black Friday ads this year. The resolution is here, the consumers want the content, the distribution is here, why are you waiting around? UltraHD 4K is here to stay, start planning for it now.

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